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Born: November 23, 1987
Audio Debut: June 13, 2005 (Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire)

Joe Harrison is the founder, administrator, director/chief-of-state, commander-in-chief of Lion's Mouth Entertainment who made his first appearance in the Audio World in his self-produced audio series Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire in 2005. While he produces his own stories he also provides sound design for other productions as well, most notably Jim Perry's Star Wars: Codename: Starkeeper, for which he won an award for Best Mixer*, and Andrew Gilbertson's upcoming Star Wars: Marvels series.


Harrison has won a total 6 Fan Audio Awards, including Best Audio Drama (Conquest of the Empire), Best Writer (Conquest of the Empire), and Best Mixer (Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar).


When he is not producing audio dramas or hosting podcasts, Harrison spends most of his free-time composing music and writing his novel, which he hopes to publish in the near future.



*Tied with Star Wars: Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar (2009 Star Wars Fanworks Fan Audio Awards).


Born: March 20, 1985

Audio Debut: June 13, 2005 (Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire)


Sarah Gilbertson, better known by her stage name "Silas Carder", is the sister of Joe Harrison and has been working with Lion's Mouth Entertainment since the beginning, appearing first as Mon Mothma and Captain Jaden Dodonna in Star Wars: Conquest of the Empire for which she won an award for Best Actress. "Carder" met her future husband, Andrew Gilbertson, through production of The Age of the Swords: The Descent of Shadows, in which she plays the story's antagonist and he plays one of the story's protagonists. They were married on November 22, 2008. While she still does work with LME, she is also working for Gilbertson's No Line Radio production company.


"Carder" spends most of her free-time watching films and/or listening to music from the 1980's. Some of her favorite bands include Huey Lewis and the News, Laura Branigan, The Pointer Sisters, and Nu Shooz.


Born: July 1, 1985

Audio Debut: May 15, 2007 (The Age of the Swords: The Descent of Shadows)


Andrew Gilbertson is the founder/administrator/director/chief-of-state/command-in-chief of No Line Cinemas, a non-profit film company from which he has produced many films (including some feature length) for (and with) his family, friends, and church. Jumping from film to audio, Gilbertson made his voice acting debut in The Age of the Swords: The Descent of Shadows as one of the story's protagonists. It was through this production that he and Joe Harrison first met. Initially living in Washington state, Gilbertson moved to New Jersey after falling for Harrison's sister, whom he also met behind the scenes of The Age of the Swords. As of November 22, 2008, both are now happily married. Currently Gilbertson is hard at work on an enormous audio project entitled Star Wars: Marvels which, when finished, will be his first audio production.


Gilbertson spends most of his time wishing he had this so-called "free time". But in the few precious moments that he has he spends with his wife watching Doctor Who, Stargate: SG-1, and Star Trek: The Next Generation & The Original Series, and/or watching Godzilla and other kaiju films with her and Harrison.