01: "The Crap Show"
1:04:57 / 11.1MB / Download
02: "The Old, The New, and the Ewoks"
2:10:22 / 29.1MB / Download
03: "Warp Speed Edition"
2:40:15 / 27.5MB / Download
04: "Warp 2.5"
2:32:52 / 26.2MB / Download
05: "A Topic NEVER Covered"
2:34:38 / 26.5MB / Download
06: "Unreleased Episode"
23:12 / 21.2MB / Download

01: "The Cast Expands"
1:03:39 / 11MB / Download
02: "Updating the Classics"
1:53:17 / 19.4MB / Download
03: "Changing Seasons"
1:34:55 / 10.9MB / Download
04: "Depressing Comics and the Ko'dan Armada"
1:21:28 / 14MB / Download
05: "Mountain out of a Gopher Hill"
1:21:23 / 14MB / Download
06: "Show 6"
26:35 / 18.3MB / Download
07: "The Mighty Thorax"
1:57:16 / 26.9MB / Download
08: "Can't Remember What We Said We'd Call It"
1:24:17 / 14.5MB / Download
09: "Unshakable Bond"
1:35:56 / 16.5MB / Download
10: "Hitch Up the Trailer"
1:38:25 / 16.9MB / Download
11: "An Early Christmas Present"
1:29:09 / 15.4MB / Download
12: "Travesty or Majesty"
1:12:33 / 12.5MB / Download
13: "The Wrath of Con"
2:21:10 / 24.3MB / Download
14: "The 14th Showa"
2:04:46 / 21.5MB / Download
15: "The Story of Us"
2:34:59 / 26.7MB / Download
16: "Unreleased Episode"
1:18:31 / 71.9MB / Download


01: "Something New"
47:53 / 43.8MB / Download
02: "A Shadowy Flight"
15:38 / 14.3MB / Download
03: "Teleseriesphobia"
52:56 / 48.4MB / Download
04: "Time to Return Home"
54:57 / 50.3MB / Download
05: "What's Up?"
25:18 / 23.1MB / Download
06: "Return of the Show"
43:54 / 40.1MB / Download
07: "Where Most Podcasts Have Already Gone Before"
1:04:30 / 59MB / Download
08: "From Indiana Jones to The Clone Wars"
1:00:57 / 55.8MB / Download
09: "Allegiance to the Homeland"
1:01:17 / 56.1MB / Download
10: "Sunrise, Sunset"
1:32:39 / 84.8MB / Download
11: "Dead Stories"
46:34 / 42.7MB / Download
2010 Star Wars Fanworks Fan Audio Award Show
1:40:29 / 69MB / Download

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Oblivion Continuum returns for another jam-packed episode of reviews, blunders, fights, and debates. Listen to it! Now.


Monday, May 2, 2011 @1:12am

Hot on the heels of our very first videocast (see the newsbyte below), The Oblivion Continuum Season 2 begins! What new insanity and fictional character threats await us the hosts and you the listeners in this brand new season? ... Listen... at your own risk.


Saturday, April 30, 2011 @ 12:00am

The Obilivion Continuum returns with a very special release: our very first videocast! This special presentation features hosts Andrew and Sarah Gilbertson and their journey to and in California to attend the Jerry Goldsmith Concert that was performed by the American Youth Symphony at UCLA's Royce Hall on March 13th. But that's not the only thing they will be doing in California. Watch the video below, under the Episodes section (streaming from YouTube) OR try out our experimental attempt to release an iPod/iPad-compatible version in our Podcast/iTunes Stream (we've never done this before, so it may not work....)

07-07-11: "Console Lovin'"
& "Aquiel"

Download Part One
Download Part Two


In Part One we talk about our favorite video game consoles. Then in Part Two we review TNG Episode: "Aquiel".

"Oblivion Continuum", "T.A.R.D.I.S.", "Dalek" and "Doctor Who" symbols, pictures, sound effects, and music are copyright to BBC. No infringing claims are intended. Website and podcast copyright 2010 by No Line Radio & Lion's Mouth Entertainment. Website created with Avanquest Web Easy Pro & Adobe Photoshop CS5 by Joe Harrison.

07-07-11 Part 1: "Console Lovin'"

Joined by special guest Josh Rust, we review Super Mario Bros. Wii and then discuss our favorite video game consoles.


07-07-11 Part 2: "Aquiel"

In this part we review Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Aquiel" and then move onto our favorite segment: "Eye of the Tiger".


Download Part One

1:07:31 / 61.9MB / Episode #8.1 (S02E02.1)


Download Part Two

1:24:18 / 77,1MB / Episode #8.2 (S02E02.2)



05-02-11 Part 1: "The Italian Stallion"

Season 2 begins with a punch to the face as we review the popular Rocky franchise starring the ever-awesome Sylvester Stallone. Plus we review Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Nintendo Wii.


05-02-11 Part 2: "Eye of the Tiger"

In this part we review Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Naked Now". Then we introduce our totally awesome new segment... "Eye of the Tiger". Your face will die because it's so awesome.


Download Part One

1:14:47 / 68.5MB / Episode #7.1 (S02E01.1)


Download Part Two

1:34:44 / 86,6MB / Episode #7.2 (S02E01.2)



04-11-11: "Season One Finale"

We return in this Season Finale episode to review "The Expendables" and talk some serious Star Trek-ness. Awww yeah!


Download Part One

52:06 / 47.8 MB / Episode #6.1


Download Part Two

1:53:31 / 104 MB / Episode #6.2



02-08-11: "Doctor Who Season Finale Review"

At very long last the show is back as we catch things up with some old episodes that we never had a chance to release. Joined by special guests Timothy and Lindsay Harrison, we review the season finale two-parter of Doctor Who Series 5.



1:05:17 / 59.8 MB / Episode #4



08-19-10: "Keeping Up with the Doctor"

We finally catch up onDoctor Who in this single-parter episode in which we review all the episodes of the new season that we hadn't had the chance to watch and review at the time. This is the first episode in which we utilize a timer to keep our discussions restricted to a certain amount of time (in this particular episode we restrict ourselves to five minutes per each episode of Doctor Who).


We apologize aforehand, "fanmail" and trailers, etc., did not make it into this episode because we just didn't have the time.



49:45 / 45.8 MB / Episode #4



06-28-10: "Return from the Con" 

In an experiment episode, we record our thoughts about this year's ConCarolinas convention on our drive from North Carolina back to New Jersey. Note: It's an "experiment" just because we weren't sure how well it was going to work out.



38:23 / 35.2 MB / Episode #3



06-28-10: "Second Pilot" 

In this episode we talk about our likes and dislikes of the Godzilla and Gamera films. Plus we give our humble reviews on Disney's Prince of Persia movie... Advanced apologies: For some reason I (Joe Harrison) decided it was necessary to be one inch away from the microphone while Andrew and Silas are three feet away. Hopefully we won't have this problem again.... or should I say... I won't have this problem again. But I'm really sorry, though, because it's really annoying!


Download Hour 1

1:10:27 / 64.6 MB / Episode #2.1

Download Hour 2

1:01:44 / 56.6MB / Episode #2.2



06-28-10: "Pilot" 

Our first episode! Join us as we discuss how we came to be Whovians (a.k.a. "Doctor Who" fans), plus reviews of "Gamera: Advent of Legion", DW: "The Time of Angels"/"Flesh and Stone", and more, plus updates on Star Wars: Marvels.


Download Hour 1

1:08:00 / 62.3 MB / Episode #1.1

Download Hour 2

1:01:18 / 56.2MB / Episode #1.2