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April 2013

Brand New! In the No Line Gazette, go and check out 'Trembling'- a free novella by yours truly!


Plus, we have a new website- and with it, new content all over the place! Check out the No Line Gazette for new and updated short story projects! Tons of new short films are online in the No Line Cinemas section! And keep abreast of the ongoing Under the Miniscope podcast under No Line Radio, and the Geekbat Review Blog under the Gazette- both with new entries weekly (ish...)!


About the site:

-Interested in hiring me? Well, I have a full time job at the moment, but I'm always open to contracting work. Take a look at 'Professional Work' to view or download samples of my work.


-Want to see some of my movies? Take a look at the 'No Line Cinemas' section. I've made over 30 video projects in the last 10 years; it's only a matter of compressing and uploading them... which is proceeding rapidly! And check out our crown jewel, the retro-awesome Adventures of Major Tetryon!


-Want to check out the new Under The Miniscope podcast featuring myself and my lovely wife, listen to the Star Wars: Marvels audio drama, or check the progress of our larger Oblivion Continuum Podcast? Check the appropriate box under the banner of No Line Radio!


-Interested in some free short fiction work, or a weekly Doctor Who review blog? Head to the brand new No Line Gazette to check out my print endeavors!


-Want to know more about me or contact me? Click on the aptly named "Contact and Links" for contact and links.




About the Author:

I'm married to the woman of my dreams, and loving every minute with her!


No Line Cinemas is essentially two people: Andrew and Sarah Gilbertson. Andrew is a Video Editor in Pennsylvania in the USA (and the webmaster spoken of in first-and-third-person). Filmmaking has been in his blood for years, and working with video is second nature to him. Sarah is a newcomer to the editing field, but extremely proficient with fast-growing skills, and an old hand at voice acting (an award-winning actress, in fact). Together, they are unstoppable.


Joshua Rust (graphic design and 3D graphics) of Rustwood Studios and Joe Harrison (Audio design and sound effects) of Lion's Mouth Entertainment are frequent collaborators and consultants.






This is Sarah.

(Her picture is smaller because she cropper it- see?)

This is Andrew.

(This may or may not be a historical reenactment of the epic founding of the No Line empire.)

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